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well, you know me. always happy to bleed for a winchester.

i actually can’t tell if i should be embarrassed about this
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Old man Dean! And his young man :3
I have a huge soft spot for older Dean/always-young-angel Castiel. There has to be a little bitterness in my curtain stuff. I like the sadness of it, but I also love the idea of Castiel loving Dean no matter how he changes over the years.
I also firmly believe he would be there when Dean dies, and leaves for heaven mere moments after him. lalala you can’t tell me different

#I actually really adore this #Because you know Cas would use bits of his angel mojo to heal Dean’s stiff joints #And Dean would scowl at him and tell him not to baby him #But Cas would do it on the sly #And he never complains about the music in the Impala being played ever louder #He still lies next to Dean in bed at night and traces the outline of his face and the symbols on his ribs #Part of Dean settles with it all #Though he never quite gets over people thinking of Cas as his son #And whenever he does get insecure about being old and his body and his mind not being what they used to be #Cas just smiles and says he doesn’t care #Because he’s always loved Dean’s soul before either of the others #Castiel knows for most of the week before Dean dies that it’s going to happen #And he makes sure to only look sad when Dean can’t see him #So he hands him his coffee over his shoulder #And kisses him #Because by the time he’s come back from hanging out the laundry #Dean will have gone to sleep and won’t wake up #But he smiles because it doesn’t matter #And as Dean takes his first step into Heaven #30 years old again #An angel takes his hand (via inkorstardust)

seriously though, those TAGS
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 there’s no remedy for memory 
COEY + feyuca sketch collab! :’D
coey did the heavy lifting with his gorgeous lines and ehgjefehjke some quick colors by me


“And they will deem me king on a throne of ash and rubble, as steel and stone bend before me in piety. Instead of petals I will have it rain ember as the realm twists and quakes and burns, and burning it will remain, as bright as my crown.”

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can’t wait
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