Candles, firelight, and sparks.
You know that those fingers sparkle /eyebrows wiggles/

Some people get an Orlesian honeymoon, a proper chance to leave the City of Chains behind, somewhere that isn’t part of the Wounded Coast—and they don’t even appreciate the vacation, or the new freckles they’re wearing when they finally return, their shoulders practically aching for the old pauldrons again. 
‘I’m surprised she didn’t wear the guard captain’s suit of arms to bed,’ Hawke says, because Varric told him it was important to be friendly after the copper marigold business made things awkward—for some reason—and Donnic shrugs, one-shouldered, muttonchops particularly unreadable that evening. 
‘Wouldn’t you like to know,’ he replies. 
But guard captain’s a real job, one that has its moments outside the mantle, undressed, possibly undemanding, Orlesian finger-foods and decorative pillows and low candlelight just a few of the charming accessories Hawke can only imagine. Championing Kirkwall isn’t so much a job as it is a lifestyle and working as a free healer in Darktown is the same; actually being justice is somewhere beyond that, no rest in dreams or in the grave, and you don’t take honeymoons from spirits or the cities they’re chained to. 
Presumably. It’s not as though anyone’s written a proper guide on the subject, seeing as how the situation is unfailingly unique.
There are a hundred and one excuses for why they don’t—just like there are a hundred and one uses for an over-sized tuber—and none of them actually made rather than implied. When they saw Aveline and Donnic off, Hawke was momentarily wistful, then dramatically so, shielding his eyes from the light with the palm of his hand. 
‘She isn’t even going to appreciate their chocolate-covered strawberries, you know,’ he said, while Varric patted him on the back and told him jealousy was an unbecoming trait for a main character, no matter how handsome he was in his new smuggler’s robes. 
The days passed, and Hawke continued to be handsome in his new smuggler’s robes, and he’d resigned himself to the facts of his life as they were: incomparable to other people’s, enjoyable when his fingers brushed the backs of Anders’s knuckles—not entirely by accident—or when their eyes met across a table at the Hanged Man, or when their knees bumped together afterward. A honeymoon wasn’t really necessary, though the Orlesian finger-foods would have been a nice addition to anyone’s life.
But then he found Anders waiting for him in the study. Of all the details, there was low candlelight. 
‘Varric’s right, you know,’ Anders said. ‘You do look handsome in your new smuggler’s robes.’
‘And I look even better out of them,’ Hawke replied, already halfway there.
The estate was his now. All other implications aside, it meant he could leave clothes on the floor whenever he liked. 
‘I know it’s not anything like an Orlesian honeymoon…’ There was a sparkle in Anders’s eyes like the sparkle at his fingertips when he lifted them, with just as much promise and, even better, the humor of a smile to match. ‘But there is one thing here you can’t get anywhere else.’
‘You aren’t,’ Hawke said.
‘I am,’ Anders answered.
And he did, showing Hawke the infamous electricity trick at last. 
‘What trouble did you lot get up to, then?’ Donnic asks, and Hawke blinks it all away: the little shiver in tight muscle that still hasn’t faded; the heartbeat sent skittering behind his chest with every fresh, wicked crackle of raw power; the trick of Anders’s fingers along his back mirrored by the other trick, right between Hawke’s thighs. It took them somewhere else, all right, but to a time rather than a place, like a honeymoon to their youth instead of to Orlais. 
‘Oh, nothing more than the usual,’ Hawke replies. 
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I think Anders and purple!Hawke are very adorable, and I don’t draw them quite enough.
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Oliver and Anders reading together.
Well, I suppose it is time for Fluff Friday after so long without.
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DA2 Hawke and Anders by sandara
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I drew something… serious?!?!?!?!? :O!
I did! This is my half of an art trade with Milli! Yaaaay! Hawke and Anders kissin’ in the raaaaain~ *3*

YES YES YES. LOOK GUYS. LOOK AT HOW AMAZING IT IS AGHHH— The colours are faaabulous and the rain and their outfits and fff—I hope I can make my half at least somewhat decent. Aghhh this is too perfect

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DA2: Hawke and Anders by ~embley
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anders with his hair down for shimmy knva;lksjdflkj
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daily doodle.
OMG it’s 5am now….D:
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