[Iron Man vol. 3 #31]
You don’t say.
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A Guide to Comic Books for Steve/Tony Shippers


You’ve watched Iron Man, Captain America and the Avengers? You ship Steve/Tony, but haven’t read a single comic? This guide is for you!

spend the last few months getting to know their continuity. However, I’ve spend a lot of the time being confused and going back and forth, because I always missed something.

Under the cut you will find a list of comics and story arcs for Captain America and Iron Man, starting at the New Avengers (2005) until Avengers Prime (2010). This includes Civil War, which is essential to understand many of the better comic-universe fanfiction. I also added some download links, short summaries and recommendations.

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I am Iron Man, hear me roar!
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Tony Stark’s demon isn’t in a bottle. His alcoholism, his considerable vices and his recklessness — what Robert Downey Jr.’s onscreen Tony called his laundry list of character defects — are a misguided, self-destructive means of escape. At the risk of getting too heavy here, glib and fancy-free Tony Stark is one seriously self-loathing guy.

Alejandro Arbona, Editor of Invincible Iron Man

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I know it didn’t work in the movie but I want to see it anyway :’(
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Tony Stark // by Irene Flores.
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Iron Man - Altana
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