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Drown. Prologue.


Temporary cover. 

Finally done the prologue. Was wanting to put it up later but due to feelings… Kinda had to. This is the content of my entire little booklet. I’ll take orders once I’m ready, okay? 

For 1st time readers, this is the first installment of Drown. Sorry for the jumpy transitions to put together this story; inspiration hits me at random. Links to later installments are at the bottom. 

P.S: I found a solution to the plot-hole problem. ehehehe.

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[Iron Man vol. 3 #31]
You don’t say.
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Did you kno?


Robert Downey Jr. struts better in high heels than any of you combined.

and he even has better bitchy gawk than you…

Marvel’s biggest secret is how they make Robert Downey Jr. appear taller than he actually is…


RDJ is 5’ 8½”

Gwyneth (5’ 9”) and we know she is wearing killer heels ALL the time

Chris (6’ 0½”)

problem solved


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Tony Stark’s demon isn’t in a bottle. His alcoholism, his considerable vices and his recklessness — what Robert Downey Jr.’s onscreen Tony called his laundry list of character defects — are a misguided, self-destructive means of escape. At the risk of getting too heavy here, glib and fancy-free Tony Stark is one seriously self-loathing guy.

Alejandro Arbona, Editor of Invincible Iron Man

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I know it didn’t work in the movie but I want to see it anyway :’(
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