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The Wedding by ~Itsemurhapupu
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SteveTony by ~dogsup
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double date
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well, let me help you with that. you might have watched the avengers and thought, “hey this seems like a cool and dandy ship. let me get on this.” you might follow someone who ships them and you want to understand what it’s all about. whatever made attracted to the ship doesn’t matter, but here are some sites and resources you can use to further your shipping.
The New Captain America/Iron Man Slashy Moments List

exactly what it sounds like. canon comic events that display “slashy” moments between our favorite super husbands.

Tales of Suspense featuring Captain America and Iron Man

a site that has Avengers fanfic that focuses on Steve and Tony, also includes: art, icons, and other steve/tony things.

Cap-Ironman comm

the livejournal community that is all steve/tony. fanfiction, fanvids, icons, fan art, all the works for your shipping needs.

Avengers Kinkmeme

the focus isn’t on steve/tony but you’ll find some good steve/tony fics in the mix. 


a blog dedicated to comic scans of our two favorite guys.

Now for those of you courageous enough to consider reading the comics. I can also help you there.
Iron Man

iron man part 1: tales of suspense 39-99, iron man and sub-mariner, and iron man 1-100iron man part 2: iron man 101-200, iron man annuals, and iron man 86-87iron man part 3: iron man 201-332iron man part 4: iron man v2, v3, v4 1-12

Captain America

captain america part 1: tales of suspense 59-99, captain america 100-200, and captain america annualscaptain america part 2: captain america 201-300captain america part 3: captain america 301-400captain america part 4: captain america v1 401-454, captain america v2, v3, v4 and captain america v5 1-25


marvel avengers 1: Avengers v1 001-100 and Avengers Annualsmarvel avengers 2: Avengers v1 101-200marvel avengers 3: Avengers v1 201-300marvel avengers 4: Avengers v1 301-402marvel avengers 5: Avengers v2 , Avengers v3, Avengers 500-503 (Disassembled), and New Avengers 1-12

Civil War (because this is what sold me on steve/tony)

complete civil war

Lastly (a disgusting act of shameless self promotion), a steve/tony rec list with, what I believe to be, some of the best works of fanfiction written in the fandom.
I hope this helps.
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A Guide to Comic Books for Steve/Tony Shippers


You’ve watched Iron Man, Captain America and the Avengers? You ship Steve/Tony, but haven’t read a single comic? This guide is for you!

spend the last few months getting to know their continuity. However, I’ve spend a lot of the time being confused and going back and forth, because I always missed something.

Under the cut you will find a list of comics and story arcs for Captain America and Iron Man, starting at the New Avengers (2005) until Avengers Prime (2010). This includes Civil War, which is essential to understand many of the better comic-universe fanfiction. I also added some download links, short summaries and recommendations.

Read More


Avengers: Steve and Tony by *Hallpen
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